corrugated paper machine

High-strength corrugated paper machine is mainly used for making high strength corrugated paper. Its product generally divided into single high strength corrugated board and double high strength corrugated board.

Paper Machine Main Structure Description:

Wire Section: mainly composed of headbox, dewatering device, wire guiding roll, vacuum couch, stretcher device, low and high pressure spray pipe, table pedestal and defrosting tray and so on.

Press Section: 1)Adopt two big roller diameter with Φ 1350 or Φ 1500
2)Adopt vacuum press (k press) or two big roller diameter with Φ 1350 or Φ 1500
Dry Section: Adopt cylinders group with the diameter of 1500 or 1800, closed gearbox transmission
Transmission Section: mainly composed of motor, hard gear reducer, universal shaft, coupling and frequency conversion control
Accessory Equipment: calender, sizing machine, horizontal pneumatic reeling machine

Paper Machine Prodduction Data:

Basis Weight: 80~150g/㎡
Trimmed Width: 1760~4600mm
Working Speed: 150~400m/min
Production Capacity: 15-500t/d
Transmission Way: Ac frequency conversion control, sectional drive

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