Paper Recycling Equipment for Guiyang Customer

4 月 26, 2024

Leizhan Company has signed an agreement with a paper mill in Guiyang, and Leizhan will provide complete sets of pulping equipment for the pulping line of the paper mill. Leizhan Company’s pulping equipment has superior performance and high quality.

Pulping Line Machine for Hubei Customer

4 月 26, 2024

On February 23, 2024, Leizhan Company successfully delivered the pulping equipment ordered by a paper mill in Hubei. Leizhan’s pulping equipment will help the paper mill produce high-quality pulp. If you also need to develop a pulping line, please contact us.

Inflow Pressure Screen for Hunan Customer

4 月 26, 2024

Leizhan once again reached cooperation with our old customer from Hunan. We will provide them with screening equipment Inflow Pressure Screen. As a well-known pulping equipment at home and abroad, Inflow Pressure Screen can improve the pulping effect and quality.

Pulping Machine for Paper Mill in Hebei

4 月 25, 2024

Leizhan Company has reached a cooperation with a paper mill in Hebei. Leizhan Company will provide them with pulping equipment with superior performance to meet the pulp requirements of paper making. Contact us for more details.

Paper Pulp Making Equipment for Jiangxi Customer

4 月 25, 2024

This time, Leizhan Company provided high-quality pulping equipment to a paper mill in Jiangxi to meet the customer’s pulping needs. Leizhan Company has always insisted on providing high-quality pulping equipment for the paper industry.

Chain Conveyor Delivered to Jiangxi

4 月 25, 2024

This time, Leizhan will provide Chain Conveyor for the pulping lines of paper mill from Jiangxi. Chain Conveyor is the most popular conveying equipment of Leizhan Company. It can convey various raw materials such as waste paper and pulp board.

Delivery Site of Paper Recycling Machine to Guangdong

4 月 25, 2024

Leizhan Company reached an agreement with a paper mill in Guangdong. Leizhan will provide the paper mill with stable and efficient pulping line equipment to produce high-quality pulp. If you also have pulping needs, please feel free to contact us for equipment details.

Vibrating Screen Shipped for Sichuan Customer

4 月 25, 2024

Leizhan Company uses advanced structural design and high-quality materials to manufacture Vibrating Screen to help paper mills screen and remove impurities in suspended waste paper pulp in the pulping line, thereby improving the quality of pulp.

Inflow Pressure Screen Shipped to Guangxi

4 月 24, 2024

Inflow Pressure Screen is a pulping equipment with excellent performance provided by our company to a customer in Guangxi. Inflow Pressure Screen is the most advanced pulp screening equipment developed and manufactured by us. Welcome to contact us for quotation.

Delivery Site of Agitator for Guangxi Customer

4 月 22, 2024

Leizhan Company is famous for its high-quality pulp manufacturing equipment. This time, the pulp equipment shipped by Leizhan is Agitator. The Agitator is used to stir the pulp in the pulp chest to meet the needs of subsequent paper making processes.

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