120,000 Tons Fireworks Paper Pulping Project

Hunan Yangjia Paper Company and Zhengzhou Leizhan Machinery officially signed a complete set of pulping system equipment for the annual production of 120,000 tons of fireworks paper project. Fireworks paper is a special paper used to make fireworks and firecrackers. Full set fireworks paper making line machine can be provided by our company.

Leizhan will provide full set pulping machine for 120,000 tons fireworks paper pulping project. Main ordered machine included high efficiency hydrapulper system, JNS save energy coarse screen system, XZNS fine screen system, NLS inflow pressure screen, ZNP disc thickener, etc.

The fireworks paper produced by the pulping equipment produced by our company has high fire resistance and can provide certain protection when making explosive fireworks and firecrackers. If you want to know more about 120,000 Tons Fireworks Paper Pulping Project, please feel free to contact us. Email address: flutingpapermachine@gmail.com.

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