3600mm tissue making machine is used to produce toilet paper, napkins, facial tissue, we can provide customers with professional design, installation and consulting services for paper machines.

3600mm tissue making machine mainly consist of headbox, wire section, press section, yankee cylinder, transmission section, and a paper winder.

2880mm Tissue Paper Machine Parameters:

Main Product: Toilet Paper, Napkins, Facial Tissue
Raw Material: Wood Pulp
Basic Weight: 13-18 g/㎡
Production Capacity: 16 t/d
Trimmed Width: 3600mm
Working Speed: 220~250 m/min
Design Speed: 300 m/min
Gauge: 4700mm
Transmission Way: AC Frequency Fractional Driving

3600mm tissue making machine adopt the latest international technology composite breathing hot hood, thermal energy efficiency can be improve more than 20%. The use of composite stainless steel pneumatic scraper make a uniform wrinkle.

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