3400mm wrapping paper machine

3400 mm Wrapping Paper Machine mainly use waste paper, white shavings, virgin pulp as material to make packaging paper such as: base paper, fluting paper and corrugating paper.

The 3400 mm wrapping paper machine has headbox, wire section, press section, drying section, transmission section, foundation part, a pneumatic paper winder.

Main Technical Parameters:

Main Product: Wrapping Paper
Raw Material: OCC
Basic Weight: 90-180 g/㎡
Production Capacity: 150 t/d
Trimmed Width: 3400 mm
Roll Paper Width: 3450 mm
Working Speed: 350 m/min

3400mm Wrapping Paper Pulping Process Equipment:

Chain Conveyor;
Pulping machine;
High, mid & low density deslagging system machine;
Coarse screen;
Fiber fractionating machine;
Fine screen;
Approach system before paper machine.

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