3200 kraft paper machine

3200 kraft paper machine adopt waste paper to produce various paper, includes kraft paper, fluting paper, cardboard paper, bobbin paper, sheet lining, cup paper, etc.

Main Technical Parameters:

Net Paper Width: 3200mm
Raw Material: Waste Paper, Waste Cardboard Paper
Gram: 100~250g/㎡
Guage: 4300mm
Working Speed: 50-70m/min
Designed Speed: 85m/min
Capacity: 30T/D
Transmission Way: AC Frequency Fractional Drive
Arrange Mode: Left and Right Hand Machine

Configuration Form of 3200mm Kraft Paper Machine

Forming section: multi mould, pressure mould former, super-formed, single fourdrinier, dual fourdrinier and stacked mould.

Pressing section: open press, vacuum press, large roll diameter press, composite press section includes three rolls and two presses.(i.e.: K press), 606 structural composite press, etc.

Drying section: consists of multi cylinders. The transmission mode includes open large gear and enclosed gear box transmission.All types of sizers, hot-roller, and breaker stack.

Complete section: all types of cylindrical winders and horizontal winders, etc.

Converting: all types of ordinary rewinders.

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