Kraft Liner Paper Making PLant India

In March, 2016, a new kraft liner paper making plant was successfully commissioning at the paper mill in India. Due to our state-of-the-art technology and high quality kraft liner paper making machine, India paper maker choose Leizhan as their supplier to maintain advanced and high efficient kraft liner paper making system.

Kraft Liner Paper Making PLant India

Leizhan supplies customized kraft liner paper making solution and design for India paper mill to meets the customer’s high requirements. Leizhan delivers the full set of kraft liner paper making line to India paper mill: from kraft liner paper pulp processing machine, kraft liner paper making machine to individual auxiliary equipment and accessories.

Kraft Liner Paper Pulp Making Machine

Kraft liner paper pulp processing machine Leizhan delivered to India customer: Chain conveyorD type hydrapulper, High density cleaner, Mid consistency pressure screen, Reject separator, Double disc refiner, Inflow pressure screen, etc.

Kraft Liner Paper Making Machine

Kraft liner paper manufacturing machine Leizhan supplied for the India paper mill has a trimmed width range of 1880-5800 mm, base weight range of 80-220gsm, and will produce 45-750t kraft liner paper and testliner paper per day at a working speed range of 150-800 m/min.

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