In June, Leizhan provided a corrugated paper production line to a Jiangxi paper mill to produce corrugated paper, including pulping, screening machine and etc.

Corrugated Paper Production Line

Item: Corrugated Paper Production Line
Country: China
Capacity: 400 ton per day
Raw material: Waste paper
Production stage: conveying, pulping, screening, cleaning.
Installation machine:3250 Drum Pulper, Mid Consistency Pressure Screen, Light Reject Separator

This corrugated paper line doesn’t adopt Refiner, since the raw material is the fiber being used for many times. What’s more, the energy consumption of Refiner is too high, and it would cut the impurities into smaller pieces and make it much harder too remove. Pressure Screen has lower energy consumption, and it can ensure a better physical index with a lower investment.

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