Customer Information

Time: 2016
Customer Company: Malaysia Paper Mill
Project: Egg Tray Production Line Malaysia

Egg Tray Production Line Malaysia

Egg tray keeps eggs protected and organized, is ideal for packing, storing and selling eggs. Paper egg tray as great egg holder, is widely used in our daily life.

In June, 2016, Leizhan signed the contract for supplying complete set of egg tray production line for Malaysia paper mill. In order to meet customer’s needs, Leizhan salesman and engineer came to visit Malaysia customer’s factory and designed the customized solution for the customer. Malaysia paper mill can produce high quality paper egg tray by using Leizhan egg tray pulp processing machine.

Egg Tray Pulp Processing Machine

Egg tray pulp processing machine Leizhan supplied for Malaysia customer:

Chain conveyor

D type hydrapulper

High density cleaner

Vibrating screen

Double disc refiner

Pulp pump


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