In May 2017, Leizhan signed a 40t/d tissue paper production project for Hebei Aojie paper mill.


Tissue Paper Production Project

Custumer: Anjie Paper Co.,ltd.
Raw material: Wood pulp, waste book and magazine paper(not including waste newspaper)
capacity: 40 ton per day
Address: Hebei Mancheng Paper Industry
Date: May 2017
Paper application: Tissue paper, toilet paper, facial tissues and etc.

40T/D Tissue Paper Production Project Equipment

This time Leizhan mainly provides following equipment
M.C. Hydrapulper: mainly used for pulping wood pulp and other clean raw material.
Agitator: maintain the pulp even distribution
Pressure Screen before paper machine(Inflow Pressure Screen)

Leizhan provides various kinds of paper and pulp machine. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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