Wrapping Paper Machine

Wrapping paper is a kind of thin, translucent tissue paper that is widely used for wrapping and cushioning gifts, clothes and different sensible goods like glass, ceramic,etc. In order to protect merchandise, some shops usually wrap delicate goods in folded or crumpled layers of tissue paper before placing it in bags or boxes for the buyer.

Wrapping Tissue Paper Machine
Leizhan as first-class manufacturer, specialize in pulp and paper making machine for more than 43 years, suggest paper mills use waste paper without ink, white shavings and vigrin pulp as raw materials to produce best quality and performance wrapping paper.

Leizhan can supply not only advanced wrapping paper machine, but also supply customized wrapping paper making solution for paper mills. The complete wrapping paper making solution consists of wrapping paper pulping line and wrapping  paper machine.

Wrapping Paper Pulp Processing Line

Raw Material Conveying: Chain Conveyor
Pulping: D Type Hydrapulper and Vertical Hydrapulper
Cleaning: High Density Cleaner and Low Density Cleaner
Screening: Mid Consistency Pressure Screen, Vibrating Screen and Inflow Pressure Screen
Pulp Chest Agitator is also included in  pulp making line.

Wrapping Paper Machine

Trimmed Width: 1575-3600mm
Base Weight: 13-40GSM
Working Speed: 180-800m/min
Production Capacity: 5-50t/d.

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