Tissue Paper Pulping line

One of our clients use white shavings and wood pulp as raw material to make tissue paper and ordered complete tissue paper pulping line machine from our company. According to customer’s requirements and budget, the pulping plan given by our engineers is as follows.

Tissue Paper Stock Preparation Line Machine

Middle Consistency Hydrapulper: h=8mm, C=3~5%
High Density Cleaner: Q=900~1400l/min, C=3~5%
Pulp Chest Agitator: Ø700mm, 40~60m³, C=3~5%
Conical Refiner: Ø350mm, C=3~5%
Double Disc Refiner: Ø380mm, C=3~5%

Leizhan offer complete tissue paper pulping line machine, please feel free to contact us for more details. Email address: flutingpapermachine@gmail.com.

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