Tissue Paper Pulping Equipment H.C. Hydrapulper

Tissue paper pulping equipment High consistency hydrapulper is mainly used for separating impurities and defibering waste paper pulp under high consistency in tissue paper deinking process.

Tissue Paper Pulping Equipment H.C. Hydrapulper

High Consistency Hydrapulper is an efficient paper pulping and discharging equipment in tissue paper pulp processing line.

Features of High Consistency Hydrapulper

1. Tower type spiral rotors, fast slurry circulation, strong ability to pulp fiber.
2. Pulp slurry under high consistency, energy saving, save chemicals.
3. High efficiency deinking equipment, low damage of impurities.
4. Compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance.

Tissue Paper Pulping Equipment Leizhan Supplied

Apart from High Consistency Hydrapulper, Leizhan also supply many other advanced paper pulping machines for tissue paper making line. For example: D type hydrapulper, Drum pulper, Vertical hydrapulper, Drum screen, etc.

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