Small Capacity Tissue Paper Machine

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, small capacity tissue paper machines have attracted much attention. As the core equipment in the tissue paper production process, the toilet paper machine plays a vital role. Small capacity tissue paper machines can efficiently produce paper products that meet hygienic standards without taking up too much space.

Small Capacity Tissue Paper Machine Details

1. Raw Material: wood pulp, virgin pulp, bamboo pulp
2. Paper Type: toilet paper, tissue paper
3. Trimmed Width: 2880mm
4. Basis Weight: 13-30g/㎡
5. Rail Distance: 3800mm
6. Capacity: 5t/d
7. Working Speed: 150-170m/min
8. Design Speed: 180m/min

Small capacity tissue paper machines are a new trend in the development of the tissue paper industry. They will provide consumers with more choices and play a positive role in reducing resource waste. If you want to set small capacity tissue paper making project, welcome to contact us for more details. Email address:

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