Paper Towel Making Machine

Paper towel is one type of most important tissue paper that is used mostly in kitchen and washroom even when we are down with a cold. Soft, lightweight and absorbent paper towel is used to clean dirt, grime, oil and stains from elsewhere, wiping the hands dry, cleaning kitchen counter-tops, cleaning and wiping spills especially when we are with a cold.

Paper Towel Making Machine
In order to meet the increasing requirements of paper towel market, Leizhan can offer the complete paper towel pulping system and paper towel making machine for paper makers to manufacture highest quality paper towel.

Paper Towel Pulping System

Conveying: Chain Conveyor
Pulping: D Type Hydrapulper, vertical hydrapuper
Cleaning: High density cleaner and low density cleaner
Screening: Mid consistency pressure screen, vibrating screen, inflow pressure screen, fiber separator
Refining: double disc refiner
Pulp pump and pulp chest agitator are also used in paper towel pulping process.

Paper Towel Making Machine

Main Specification of Leizhan paper towel making machine:
Trimmed Width: 1575-3600mm
Base Weight: 13-40g/m2
Working Speed: 180-800m/min
Production Capacity: 5-50t/d

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