Tissue paper like hand paper, facial paper, napkin paper, kitchen paper, etc are the necessity in our daily life. Adopting Leizhan advanced hand paper pulp and paper making machine and customized solutions, paper mills can produce high quality hand paper with recycled paper, white shavings and commodity wood pulp as raw material.

Hand Paper Making Machine

Leizhan suppliers full set of hand paper making line for paper mills. The whole hand paper production line contains two parts: hand paper pulp making machine and hand paper making machine.

Hand Paper Pulp Making Machine

Machine and equipment required in hand paper pulp making line: D type hydrapulper, High density cleaner, Mid consistency pressure screen, Pulp refiner, Deinking machine,  Pulp pump, Pulp chest agitator, etc.

Hand Paper Making Machine

Trimmed width: 1575-3600mm
Basic weight: 13-40g/m2
Operating speed: 180-800m/min
Production capacity: 5-50 t/d.

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