Facial tissue paper is big consumption paper in our daily life. Tt’s simple pulpling process compare with packaging. As professional paper pulp equipment and paper machine manufacturer, we provide the complete set of facial tissue paper production line for paper mill.

At the first, The pulp into Mid Consistency Hydrapulper to pulping, then the pulp flow into High Density Cleaner to remove heavy impurities and then is Low Density Cleaner and Refiner, then through Inflow Pressure Screen to tissue paper machine.

Facial Tissue Paper Manufacturing Machine Details

Production varieties: facial paper, napkin paper, tissue paper, etc
Raw material: Virgin wood
Net paper width: 1575mm
Basis weight: 15-40g/m2
Operation speed: 100—150m/min
Production capacity: 3-5 t/d
Gauge: 2400mm
Transmission mode: AC frequency segment drive

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