10t/d Tissue Paper Making Turn-key Project

Leizhan professional engineers and experts designed customized 10t/d tissue paper making turn-key project for paper mills to meet customer’s needs. The whole 10t/d tissue paper manufacturing turn-key project consists of 10t/d tissue paper stock preparation line and 10t/d tissue papermaking machine.

10t/d Tissue Paper Making Turn-key Project

10t/d Tissue Paper Pulp Processing Line

First of all, raw material will be conveyed into vertical hydrapulper for pulping by chain conveyor.
Then, the paper pulp entered into high density cleaner, the heavy impurities in the paper pulp will be removed.
Thirdly, inclined screen will be used for screening the impurities in paper pulp.
Moreover, the use of Double disc refiner can highly improve the beating degree of paper pulping.

10t/d Tissue Paper Making Machine

Using commercial wood pulp and white shavings as raw material, paper makers can produce 10t tissue paper per day with a trimmed width of 3000mm, tissue paper making machine has a basis weight of 13-30g/m2 and the design speed is 180m/min.

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