10T/D Facial Paper Making Line

Soft bag facial paper and box type facial paper are our daily used products and have high demands of pulp quality and facial paper production machine.

Leizhan as a best quality pulp and paper making machine manufacturer, supply the complete 10T/D facial paper making line and high quality facial paper manufacturing machine.
10T/D Facial Paper Making Line

10T/D Facial Paper Pulping process

D type hydrapulper-High consistency pulper-High density cleaner-Fiber separator-Vibrating screen-Low density cleaner-Mid consistency pressure screen-Inclined thickener-Bleach tank/agitator-Double disc refiner

10T/D Facial Paper Making Machine

1、Output paper:Tissue paper
2、Trimmed width:3000mm
3、Base weight:15–25g/m2
4、Working speed:160-180m/min
5、Design speed:200m/min
7、Center distance:3900mm
8、Drive mode:Division transmission、Frequency & speed adjust control
9、Degree of dryness:After wire part:≥18%——Into cylinder dryness:≥43%——Finished paper:90%-92%
10、Day running hours:22.5 hours
11、Paper making Rate :95%
12、Rate of finished products :96%

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