ZTS Series Ragger, mainly used for removing various kinds of twisting impurities in slurry like iron wire, string , plastic, cotton yarn, etc. Ragger comprises a rope regger, a frame, a rocker arm, a rope pressing wheel, a cylinder, a rope guide wheel and a speed-reducing braking motor. The frame is the support of the rope ragger of the utility model. The lower part of the frame is provided with a rope ragger and a guide rope wheel, and the upper part of the rope ragger is provided with a plurality of triangular teeth. The triangular teeth are evenly distributed on the circumference of the rope winch to lift the rope. On the upper part of the frame, corresponding to the rope ragger, a rope-pressing wheel is arranged, and the rack is evenly arranged on the maximum circumference of the rope-pressing wheel. On one side of the frame, there is a cylinder for controlling the lifting of the rope wheel and a deceleration brake motor, which is used as the driving power source of the rope wheel. The piston rod of the cylinder can not only lift the rope wheel, but also lower the rope wheel and tighten the rope. The rope guide wheel is set in front of the rope wheel, which can support the rope guide. The pressure rope wheel is controlled by the cylinder, and the tightness can be adjusted.

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