Pulping is an inevitable process in papermaking line, and Drum Pulper is pulper suitable for difference raw materials in waste paper pulping process and boast its advantages. Drum Pulper created by Leizhan bears advantages of high-quality, nice appearance, etc.  I would like to introduce you the process of Drum Pulper.

Process Description of Drum Pulper

The drum pulping system includes a waste paper feeding system, which depends on the layout of the waste paper storage. The speed of the waste paper feeding conveyor can be controlled and a weighing element is installed. A certain proportion of waste paper from the chain conveyor into the high concentration immersion collapsing zone, here, by adding diluted water to reach 15-18 suitable for the concentration of dispersed fibers. In the process of crushing, the impurities in waste paper did not decrease as the impurities were removed. In the low concentration screening area, the supplementary dilution water is added through the spray tube to make the pulp concentration reach 2.5-4.5% and the fibers enter the bottom trough through the chipboard. The pulp concentration in the screening area depends on the quality of waste paper.

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