Refiner, mainly used for beating waste paper slurry to achieve the beating degree of paper making. Leizhan would like to share you the refining process of Refiner.

Three Refining Process of Refiner

(1) When pulping in the crushing zone, the wood chips enter the crushing zone of the central part of the grinding disc at first time, where the clearance between the teeth is the largest, the teeth are thicker and the number of teeth is less. In this zone, the wood chips are first broken into matchstick-like strips at high temperature.

(2) The gap between the teeth and discs in the rough grinding zone gradually narrows from inside to outside, and the material stays for a long time. It is gradually ground into needle-like wood filament, which is separated into fiber bundles and some single fibers under mutual friction and the action of the tooth disc.

(3) The fine grinding zone is located on the periphery of the gear disc, with the number of teeth increasing and the groove narrowing. The fiber bundles and single fibers flowing from the primary grinding zone are further disintegrated and fine fibrosis, and then leave the Refiner.

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