Pulp Egg Tray is made of recycled pulp and pressed by moulding machine. Because of its simple manufacturing process, low cost and no environmental pollution, it is called “green” packaging. It is one of the most common egg tray in our daily life.

Through years of development, leizhan Factory is now equipped with complete equipment, advanced technology and strong technical force. It has successfully developed and manufactured pulp complete sets of production equipment of various specifications and models, which can fully meet the needs of various pulp products. Our machines will strictly implement quality monitoring and testing methods to ensure the quality of products and maximize the quality of products to meet the needs of users.

Scope List

We supply the whole Pulping line, including Chain Conveyor, Pulper, Coarse Screen System, Fine Screen System, Refiner, Thickener, etc, as well as Egg Tray Production machine.

For more than thirty years,we supply complete sets waste paper pulp and paper production equipment home and abroad. There is more than two hundred Existing staff,more than 20 people engineering technicians in our company. We believe that we can offer you the best service and products. The sales volume of our products can tell it. We are happy to help you in your egg tray business, welcome to contact us.
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