The high Consistency Cleaner is used to remove the slurry, stone, sand and other heavy impurities in the slurry. These impurities are small and can pass through the sieve hole of the Hydrapulper. Here I would like to introduce you the working principle of High Consistency Cleaner.

Working Principle Of High Consistency Cleaner

The working principle of High Consistency Cleaner is based on the constant slurry flow rate and centrifugal force caused by slurry in the Cleaner. So we need a constant pressure drop in the Cleaner, which can be achieved by the pressure controller. At the effect of pressure controller, a part of the fine pulp circulating back-feeding pump. This does not affect the production capacity of the Hydraupulper or the flow rate of the pulp through the sieve plate. If the environmental conditions remain stable, no special pressure controller is required. We must limit the amount of water in the glass tube and the amount of rotating slurry. Separation of slurry and slag may only be achieved by water, that is, water flushing.

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