bale breaker

Waste paper bale breaker break various kinds of waste paper in bulk and in bundle in the machine body. Its special internal cavity structure makes the waste paper package completely broken down in the process of rotation, and some light and heavy impurities can be discharged at the same time, such as glass, sand stone, wax block, gypsum, iron nail, candy, battery, asphalt block, etc.

There functions of Waste Paper Bale Breaker:

1. Bale Breaking Function:

The packed paper bales are transported from the conveying plate to the feeding tank and the bale breaking dry screening system. Under the effect of the professional reliable mechanical structure, they are dispersed into sheets in a short time.

2. Screening and Discharging Function:

Small and light debris mixed in waste paper can be removed effectively from the professionally designed screen.

3. Sorting and Selecting Function:

Large pieces of light impurities, heavy debris and inferior waste paper and high-grade waste paper are distributed uniformly on the picking chain plate. Large chunks of light and heavy waste, waste paper that not conducive to pulping, as well as some high-grade waste paper are also picked out for more efficient use.

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