Vibrating screen is a kind of screening equipment in pulp and paper industry. It is mainly used for the roughing and purification of pulp and the treatment of pressure screen tail pulp. The equipment has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, low production cost, small floor area and high production efficiency. The machine is mainly composed of screen frame, vibration system, vibration absorber and slurry groove. The vibration of the screen frame is realized by two eccentric wheels mounted on the main shaft. The spindle is connected with the motor by a flexible coupling and the screen frame is supported by a spring. It has the advantages of simple structure and good practical performance. The slurry flows into the sieve frame from the headbox, and the coarse impurities in the pulp are removed by the high frequency vibration of the sieve frame. The fine pulp enters the pulp trough through the sieve plate and is discharged from the outlet, while the coarse impurities are discharged from the end of the sieve frame.

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