vibrating screen

In the process of waste paper recycling and pulping, it is usually necessary to screen the slurry that separate from the fiber separator and inflow pressure screen, so as to recover the qualified fiber and reduce the waste of resources. Therefore, our company provides a high-efficiency and energy-saving vibrating screen technology program for your production. Vibrating screen is suitable for small output pulping line or small paper production line. This machine has the following advantages:

1. Large Vibration Amplitude. A circular weight block is installed in each screen hole and screen slot, and the vibration amplitude of the vibrating screen can be changed by changing the weight of the block or the eccentric distance.

2. Strong Screening and Cleaning Ability. Specially designed air seal chamber makes self-cleaning ability of sieve plate very strong.

3. High Efficiency and Low Noise. The small motor and special shock absorber design make the machine vibrate steadily and the running noise is low.

4. Easy Operation. Vibrating Screen has less wearing parts and more wear-resistant materials, which makes the maintenance cost low.

5. Low Power Consumption. The scope of screen area is 1m³ – 3m³, small footprint. The motor power of vibrating is 2.2kw – 4kw, which makes the running cost is low.

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