vertical hydrapulper

ZDS Series Vertical Hydrapulper is a professional pulping equipment with a small production capacity. Vertical hydrapulper is suitable for medium – sized paper mills, because it’s normal volume has a range of 5m³-30m³. The raw material is wood pulp. And it also used for waste paper pulping. ZDS Series Vertical Hydrapulper is suitable for both intermittent production and continuous production. It has the similar features to high consistency pulper:

Pulper rotor off – center position, so that the waste paper could touch the rotor more quick, higher frequency.

● The tank is made by welded steel, outside of mouth is ultra high strength steel, which used to strengthen tank, in the bottom of cone have deflector, which can make the paper pulp reflux circulating. In the bottom of tank is impurity discharge outlet.

● Pulper rotor and pulp tray is higher than pulper groove bottom plane, which can reduce the pulper rotor and impurities contact, so that prolong life-span, preventing the twisted rope winding on the rotor.

As the new energy-saving VOKES rotor, the motor power of the vertical pulper can be as low as 55kw. It can reduce costs and expenses for paper mills. Welcome to contact us if you need any pulping or paper machine.

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