Toilet paper is related to our life, therefore, it is of great importance to choose toilet paper with good quality. As we all know, good machine and correct process can make good paper, so I would like to introduce you the toilet Paper making process

Toilet paper processing can be divided into pre-processing and post-processing. In the early stage, the raw materials are mainly processed into large axle paper by paper mills. In the early stage, the raw materials are waste paper, wheat straw, reed, sugarcane, wood and so on. However, due to various pollution in the process of paper-making, they are different. The cost of raw material processing toilet paper is different. Considering these aspects, it is relatively simple to make toilet paper in the later stage. According to different prices, big axle paper can be divided into deinked paper, white edge paper, sugarcane pulp paper, mixed wood pulp paper and wood pulp. Paper. The quality of deinked paper is the worst, long-term use will have a certain impact on health, wood pulp paper quality is the best, according to market demand to buy raw paper. It is better to process several grades of toilet paper to meet the needs of different customers and expand the market.

Raw paper making process is generally as follows: toilet paper big axle paper is rewinded by toilet paper Rewinder, sliced into strips of roll paper, and then cut into standard small rolls by paper cutting saw. Finally, it is manually packed and sealed or directly packed and sold on the market with a packaging machine.

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