D Type Hydrapulper, an important equipment machine used in waste paper recycle line, exerting great influence in the quality of paper. Here I would like to share you some operation points of D Type Hydrapulper.

A. In formal production line, 1/3-1/2 volume of clean water should be added to the tank in advance. When the machine is turned on, the water in the tank will quickly form eddy current. The valve controlling the cleaning water under the rotor will be opened. The raw materials will be evenly put into the tank, and the amount of raw materials and water should be adjusted at any time so that the slurry can reach its proper concentration and the distance between the highest liquid level and the upper edge of the tank can be controlled.

B. When there is more slurry storage in the D Type Hydrapulper shutdown trough due to power outage or other special circumstances, the flushing water at the bottom of the pulp tray should be opened to flush, and then the slurry in the trough body should be drained. It is strictly forbidden to start the equipment under the slurry storage load in order to prevent the motor from burning out.

C. In the process of operation, it is necessary to check frequently whether the bolt is loose, whether the flange and gate valve are leaking or not, whether the sealing cover is overheated, whether the bearing is overheated, and whether the current is too high.

D. Impurities that may cause potential damage to equipment in waste paper should be cleaned up in advance so as not to damage equipment.

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