chain conveyor

The Feature of Chain Conveyor

  • Conveying capacity is huge. Conveying inclination is big. Stable and reliable operation.
  • Equipped with Hardened Reducer, high safety factor.
  • There are V-shaped guard plates on both sides of the chain conveyor to improve the conveying capacity, ensuring that the impurities do not slip to the roller and it improve the service life.
  • The tail part of the machine is equipped with the elastic adjustment device to prevent the derailment and dropping of the rail due to the change of the elastic degree after a period of time.

The Character of Belt Conveyor

  • The belt conveyor has a small investment cost, but the conveying volume is small, and it is easy to slip when the inclination angle is large.
  • During the transportation process, only direct transportation is carried out, and there are few transit links.
  • All parts of the friction resistance small, low power consumption.
  • Loading and unloading can be done anywhere of the whole length of the body.
  • Easy installation and maintenance, reliable operation.

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