Drum Pulper has pulping area and screening area, and can complete two processes of pulping and screening at one time. The waste paper is fed into the high consistency pulping zone with slow rotation by conveyor. At the concentration of 14%-22%, the scraper on the inner wall repeatedly falls to a certain height with the rotation of the drum, and collides with the hard inner surface of the drum. Thus, due to the mild and effective shear force and the enhancement of friction between fibers, the waste paper is divided into two parts. Separate into fibers, foreign impurities and films, plastics, gravel, rags and so on without being broken down. As the drum rotates continuously and tilts slightly, the waste pulp moves along this inclination and enters the screening area through the crushing area. In this area, diluted water is added to the drum side, and the slurry is diluted to a concentration of 3%-4%. The diluted slurry enters the slurry pool through the sieve hole. The light and heavy impurities are washed back into the drum, and continue to move forward, discharging at the end of the drum.

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