Mid Consistency Pressure Screen is the most advanced pulp screening equipment in the world. Compared with traditional low consistency pressure screen, it has the advantages of energy saving, water saving and high screening efficiency. For the problems encountered in production operation, we provide you with solutions.

Pressure screen in operation about a month after the bearing damage, from the removal of the bearing, the main reason is that the upper part of the bearing lacks lubricant, bearing upper ball and bearing sleeve friction caused bearing damage. Therefore, the pressure screen must be lubricated after a period of operation. Because of the insufficient supply of slurry, the start and stop of the production line, the pressure screen drum is often blocked. It is very troublesome to take out the screen drum and soak it with acid every time when the blockage occurs. The reason is that the operator fails to wash out the remaining slurry in the pressure screen in time when the raw material is insufficient and shut down, resulting in slurry silting on the screen drum and blocking the screen drum.

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