The ultimate goal of surface sizing is to obtain the desired paper quality characteristics with minimal raw materials and production costs. Sizing press is very important to control the predicted amount of the compound, but how the final sizing effect is also the control of the behavior of the compound after it is transferred to paper.

The properties of coatings (such as concentration, viscosity, temperature, etc.) should be uniform. The capillary permeation process exists in the absorption of rubber by base paper, so the properties of base paper have a great influence on the absorption of rubber. The moisture content of base paper has a great influence on the absorption of rubber. The excessive or small moisture content of base paper entering sizing press is not conducive to the absorption of rubber, but also causes the quality change of paper after sizing. If the amount of base paper entering sizing press is too large, the sheet will easily wrinkle when it is dry, and the operation obstacle will be caused by the large moisture content of the sheet; if the moisture content is too small, the sheet size will change greatly after sizing press. The speed of the coating locomotive and the hardness of the coating roll also have some influence on the sizing.

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