Screen drum is an indispensable vulnerable part in paper-making enterprises. At the same time, the domestic demand for paper-making equipment has been raised. The service life and excess pulp volume of the sieve drum are also very demanding. It is very necessary to select a set of pressure sieve equipment. However, after three or four months, the sieve drum will suffer from serious wear and tear, and the excess pulp will become smaller. So how to choose new good pressure screen drum?

First of all, the manufacturer of pressure screen drum must use stainless steel material, the bar of screen drum must be 304 material, and the upper and lower flanges can be used 304 material if conditions permit.

Second, the gap of the pressure screen drum. Nowadays, the sieve seam required for living paper is between 0.15mm, base to star 0.12mm, and the sieve end of corrugated paper is 25mm. It also requires that all sieve seams be uniform, and that the settings should not be greater than 0.02 mm.

Thirdly,  The service life of pressure sieve drum in household paper is 6 months. The service life of pressure sieve drum in corrugated paper pulping section is 3 months. Below the above figures, you can do so because the quality of screening is general.

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