paper-making felt

The papermaking felt is made of synthetic fiber and made of coarse and thin base fabric, and then mixed with synthetic fiber and a small amount of wool, which is formed by needle punching, chemical treatment, resin finishing and heat setting.

Equipment Benefits:

  1. Sufficient strength and deformation resistance. Paper-making felt can withstand the pressing of the pressure roller and drive the pressure roller to rotate. It maintains a long service life under repeated stretching conditions.
  2. Preferable flatness. This makes the surface of the compressed paper more smooth and it can improves the tightness of the paper.
  3. Superior thickness recovery performance and sufficient void volume. It can fully absorb and contain the water that is squeezed out from the wet paper.
  4. Good air permeability and drainability. This allows the air and water contained in the felt to be easily discharged.
  5. Strong anti-fouling ability and wear resistance. It can withstand high-pressure water rinsing and continuous blow rubbing or high-pressure suction of the felt trasher.

In short, we have achieved high demands on the three elements of papermaking felt: durability, flatness, and drainability. Welcome to contact us by

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