Screw Press Washer, which is a pulping equipment, belongs to the category of equipment accessories. It is mainly used for extracting black liquor from steamed ball, wood pulp, bamboo pulp and wheat straw pulp after ground pool cooking and high efficiency concentration of recycled waste paper pulp.
Working Principle: After pulp is boiled by steaming ball or ground pool, it is injected into the Screw Press Washer. Under the extrusion of pulp, water or black liquor is extruded, so as to achieve the purpose of black liquor extraction. At the same time, the extrusion of slurry also has the effect of  relief.

Main Parameters of Screw Press Washer

Standard of Screw: Φ400-Φ1100mm
Concentration of Input Pulp: 8-14%
Concentration of Output Pulp:25-35%
Production Capacity:40-450t/d
Motor Power: 30-280kw

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