Mid Consistency Pressure Screen is a vertical structure, which mainly consists of transmission device, cylinder body, cylinder cover, screen drum, cylinder body and base. The top of the cylinder body is equipped with removable cylinder cover. The cylinder cover is composed of stainless steel spherical head and flange. It is connected with cylinder body by stud, and valve joint is installed in the center part. The cylinder body and motor are fixed on the base by bolts. The cylinder body is a vertical cylinder body with slurry inlet, slurry outlet, slag discharge outlet and settling outlet. Screen drum is fixed with screw on the round flange seat of the cylinder body. Screen drum is rod-slit-shaped screen drum. Rotary drum and bearing are installed in the screen drum. The transmission device consists of motor, pulley, belt and transmission shaft. The transmission shaft is fixed on the base by two sets of bearings, and the motor is connected by belt wheel and a set of narrow V-type coupling. Group belt drive, pulley and narrow V-type combination belt center line in the same central line, above the pulley there are adjusting washers, belt pulley taper sleeve. Mid Consistency Pressure Screen has the advantages of simple installation, easy operation, low production and maintenance cost, no foam production and high production capacity.

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