PZ Series Reject Separator adopts the atmospheric sealing operation, which can continuously discharge slag without clogging, vibration, noise, and it no need for special care.

The recovery rate of fiber is up to 70%, the inlet concentration is 1% to 2% and the outlet concentration is 15% to 20%. Centrifugal force is produced by specially designed rotor in the high-speed rotation. Then combined with the force of the backwash water, the tailings are fully pulping and the fibers and impurities are effectively separated according to the different proportion between fiber and impurity.

Equipment Benefits:

● Simplify the process and save power consumption;

● Sturdy and durable, no vibration, noise and special care;

● Improve separation efficiency and the operating environment can be optimized;

● The separated impurity can be directly discarded as garbage without special treatment;

● Sealing working environment and continuous slag discharge, no blocking screen and water splashing phenomenon.

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