pulp mixer machine

JB series pulp chest agitator is mainly used for stirring and homogenizing the finished pulp, and it can ensure that the slurry does not precipitate and deposit at the bottom of the slurry tower.

Equipment Benefits:

The outside diameter of the seat ring of the old pulp agitator is much larger than the 986mm seat ring of the new agitator. This makes installation very inconvenient. After running for a period of time, it is often necessary to drill into the base of small space when changing the packing and lubricating bearings, and the operation is extremely inconvenient. New pulp agitator adopt open type, which is easy to maintainan repair.

The old type motor is fixed on the bottom rail, and the base port should be reserved when laying the foundation. The motor should be divided into different left and right directions, according to the installation direction. The motor of the new pulp agitator is on the top, and there is no need to lay the foundation when installing, regardless of the left and right direction.

The new type pulp agitator adopt fin-shaped blades which are more efficient than those used in older one. For example, for the same capacity, the old pulp agitator adopt blades with a diameter of 1150mm, while the new pulp agitator adopt blades with a diameter of 1000mm. In terms of energy consumption, the motor power of the new pulp agitator is 7~23KW lower than that of the old one.

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