high-speed stock washer

The high-speed stock washer is a new type of pulp concentration and washing equipment which has been developed successfully on the basis of absorbing advanced foreign technology. High-speed stock washer has a high efficiency in removing ink particles, filler and other small impurities in slurry, and it can be widely used in washing and concentration of various recycled slurry and chemical slurry at home and abroad.

Because of the thin slurry layer between filter net and roll, the ink particles, filler and other small impurities in the slurry are very easy to discharge with the water due to the little hindrance from the slurry in pulp washing process. It’s main features as following:

■ High Impurity Removal Efficiency.

Ink particles and other fine impurities are easily removed under the centrifugal force generated by high-speed operation, and the ash removal rate is more than 99% after treated by high-speed stock washer.

■ High Dewatering Efficiency.

Low input pulp concentration(0.8%-15%) and high output pulp concentration(8%-15%). Dewatering rate is more than 90%.

■ High Slurry Cleanliness.

Under the double effect of centrifugal force and washing water, the washed slurry can achieve a high degree of cleanliness which can fully meet the cleaning requirements of various pulps.

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