drum screen

Drum screen provides a simple, efficient and economical solution to upgrade a wide rang of material and optimize the subsequent process. This method of screening helps to reduce operating and investment cost and increase product quality, while allowing rapid and large volume processing. ZST series drum screen is made of high quality material, designed for high performance, high production rates, lower operating costs and lower maintenance.

ZST Series Drum Screen is configured for economical & efficient classification, Screening and grading system. The high purity of impurities and low fiber loss rate can be guaranteed by optimized helical blade and water spray system. It’s screen drum can be replaceable for different mesh sizes. The push-pull design is helpful to replace the screen plate in the later maintenance stage. Here are some other features as following:

• Gear drive mechanism.
• Variable speed drive mechanism.
• Heavy duty feed hopper and extension.
• Largest screening capacity in the pulping process.
• Unique screen design, result in higher capacities, longer screen life and no material clogging.

The passing capacity of ZST Series Drum Screen can reach 12000L/min, while it’s motor power only has a range from 4kw to 11kw. Therefore, it is a screening equipment with low cost and high benefit. Welcome to contact us if you need any pulping or screening machine.
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