paper pulp sludge dewatering machine

The scientific design and reasonable layout of the paper pulp sludge dewatering machine ensure that the filter press has high dewatering performance. The main dewatering roller has a perforated design, which not only increases the processing capacity, but also allows the sludge to be simultaneously dewatered on both sides. Both sides of the filter belt are rapidly dehydrated during the pressure filtration process, shortening the dewatering time. The smaller rear roller arrangement greatly increases the solids content and dewatering efficiency of the mud cake.

Paper Pulp Sludge Dewatering Machine Benefits:

● Automatic control, continuous working;

● Low energy consumption and long service life;

● High dewatering efficiency, and the mud cake has a high solid content;

● Easy to manage and maintain;

● Low noise, less chemicals;

● Economical and reliable, a wide range of applications.

Paper pulp dewatering machine is widely used for solid-liquid separation in various industries. For more details about the machie, please click Sludge Dewatering Machine. Heartily welcome to contact us if you have interest in our products:

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