inflow pressure screen

Under the specified speed, it’s running is stable and reliable, no abnormal noise, no oil leakage at the lubrication point, and no water leakage at the seal. Electrochemically polished screen basket and the inner wall was plated with 0.11mm-0.15mm chromium-plated layer without fiber hitching. As a necessary unit in approach flow system, NLS Inflow Pressure Screen has good homogenate effect and the slurry can transported evenly to the headbox.

Equipment Benefits:

High screening efficiency. Separate the fiber and the coarse impurities by the centrifugal force before the slurry enters the sieve drum. Qualified fibers quickly pass through the screen drum by the pressure differential between the inlet and outlet.

Long service life. Inside the inflow pressure screen, the heavy impurities removed by centrifugal action, so reduce the impact and wear of impurities on the rotor and the screen basket.

No Pulp blocking. Paper pulp is screened uniformly from top to bottom without thickening, and the impurity is far away from the screen drum, which is not easily blocked.

Excellent pulp quality. Stainless steel screen basket with small screen cut, which greatly improve the removal rate of harmful impurities in the good pulp.

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