Fractionator is a kind of out-flow pressure screen. It has the similar function of screening, classification, washing and concentration with pressure screen. Fractionator play an important role in the packaging paper production that use recycled fiber to produce cardboard paper (especially large-scale companies).

Paper pulp fractionator is equipped with four rotors with uniform circular distribution and equal height, which can increase the energy for the pulp with different vertical heights. So that the fiber near the screen slot can generate greater radial acceleration, and the short fiber can pass through the screen slot smoothly.

Equipment Benefits:

● The fibers with different lengths can be separated respectively;

● The long fibers can be separated effectively and the long fibers can be used to the maximum extent;

● The demand for multi-layer forming technology to use different slurry for different pulp layers is solved;

● Long and short fibers can be used for multi-layer forming of paperboard, which meet the physical properties of the paper.

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