paper machine headbox

Headbox is the key part of the paper making machine, it not only affects the speed of the paper machine, but also affects the quality of the paper. With the increase of the speed of the paper machine, the time from the ejection of slurry to finalization is reduced to a fraction of a second or even more short. In such a short period of time, if there is no high-quality hydraulic headbox, the paper banners cannot be evenly distributed along the width and width of the paper, and the paper with the good uniformity cannot be made, and the quality paper cannot be produced.

Hydraulic Headbox Benefits:

● Distribute the Pulp evenly to Fourdrinier Section

The pulp flowing out of the hydraulic headbox is uniformly distributed along the paper machine horizontally and the pulp also uniformly distributed along the paper machine longitudinally.

● Well dispersed Fiber

Hydraulic headbox makes the slurry well dispersed in fourdrinier section, so the uniformity of paper can be guaranteed.

● To provide a suitable Pulp Speed

Hydraulic headbox is suitable for different kinds of pulp and beating degree. Smooth flow channel. The pulp can smoothly flow to fourdrinier section, which is easy to adjust and control slurry speed.

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