dry section

Three Emergency Treatment Methods for Drying Section

When paper break in the dryer, broken paper easy to gather together. In the case of a small loss, the dry net is worn, and if the situation is heavy, the broken paper can break the canvas. Therefore, when dealing with such problems, it is necessary to deal with them quickly and take measures to stop them.If operator cannot urgently notify the DCS to stop, the operator should quickly press the emergency stop button to protect the equipment safety. Then operator should clean the waste paper, check the dry network before operate the machine.

Canvas deviation treatment method: Manual adjustment should be taken first. If it has no effect and the canvas can still not be corrected, operator should immediately press the emergency stop. Relevant personnel should be informed to deal with it before starting up.

The fault of the equipment should be judged before being dealt with.
Jammed paper in calender: If it happens, operator must immediately stop the machine to clear the jammed paper.
Abnormal situation in the rewinding machine: In case of fracture of the thimble and the roll paper jumps sharply, it can be directly treated with an emergency stop.

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