Before debugging, installation inspection and repair of any defect must be carried out. When equipment inspection enters work correctly, the on-site manual automatic switch should be cut to the corresponding ready state first, and then the corresponding operation should be carried out according to the requirements of process equipment.

1. Ensure all electrical and instrumentation connections. Check the setting of corresponding instructions according to special process instructions and interlocking and control limits. Check whether the refiner is installed correctly and the installation of safety equipment is completed.
2. Ensure that there are holes in lubricating oil in the pulper, coupling and gear connecting mechanism. Check the rotation direction of the motor of the loading equipment. When checking the operation of loading equipment, ensure the safety of equipment and prevent slurry blockage.
3. Ensure that the slurry abrasive slits flow through the gap when performing operation checks. Check the position where the limit switch stops feeding and withdrawing the cutter motor. Adjust the flow of seal water.

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