NLS Inflow Pressure Screen is an equipment with continuous material selection under pressure in a fully enclosed environment. In operation, the pulp with pressure enters the outer side of the sieve drum tangentially from the upper pulp intake pipe of Inflow Pressure Screen. With the difference between the internal and external pressure of the sieve drum, the qualified pulp enters the sieve drum through the sieve slot (hole) under the action of pressure, and is derived from the good pulp tube at the bottom, and slag slurry and impurities that can not pass through the sieve slot are reduced to the bottom and removed from the slag discharge pipe. Rotating fins on the outside of the drum can produce a mild pressure, which further improves the pulp circumferential flow. Negative pressure on the tail of the drum can backwash the sieve slots (holes). It can prevent the clogging of the sieve slot (hole) and ensure the continuous operation of sieving by making the slurry pass through the sieve slot (hole) continuously and smoothly from the surface.

Parameters Of NLS Inflow Pressure Screen

Concentration of Input Pulp: 0.4-0.8%
Pressure of Inflow Pulp: 0.1-0.4%
Motor Power: 7.5-110kw
Screen Area:0.6-7

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