Molding Part, a paper-making process, includes an Molding Wire, an equipment on paper machine and a device for forming and dewatering paper sheets on paper machine. It dewaters pulp suspension from Headbox and runs paper sheets to subsequent sections. Different kinds of wire make various paper, Let’s talk it。

Different Wires of Molding Part

1. Four-series single-layer wire is suitable for making cultural paper, printing paper and packaging paper.
2. Five-synthesis series single-layer wire is suitable for making toilet paper, cultural paper and packaging paper.
3. Eight-synthesis series single-layer wire are suitable for making large quantities of paper bags, kraft paper, hanging cardboard, corrugated paper, carton paper and so on.
4. Seven-series double-layer wire is suitable for making high-grade printing paper, thin paper, etc.
5. Eight-synthesis series double-layer wire is suitable for making pulp and lining of advanced printing paper, offset printing paper, sheet paper and board paper.

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